travellers we met on the way:

– Anja and Peter from Germany, the first touring cyclists we met:

– Pauline and Jo from Switzerland, riding to Uzbekistan:

– Ashley and James from England, riding to New Zealand :

– Heidi and Markus from Austria, cycling the world :

– Christel and Robin from Holland, riding to Kyrgyzstan:

– Raz from England, walking and cycling:

– Alex from England, cycling east:

– Tim and Rebecca from England, cycling to China:

– Paul from France:

– Fabia and Dino from Switzerland, driving home:

– Andreas from Germany, riding to Kyrgyzstan:

– Alex and Sabrina from Austria, driving to Australia:

– Frank from Germany, cycling the world:

– Gautier from France, riding to Australia:

– Max and Emily from England, riding to Vietnam:

– Jacques from France, riding to Hong Kong:

– Astrid and Jude from Australia, riding to Scotland:

– Chris from the US, cycling the world:

– Rachel and Alex from England, cycling through South East Asia:

– The Verhage family cycling the world:

other useful links and tips:

– local hosts for travellers:

– local hosts for cyclists:

– insider guided tours of Istanbul (including secret roof top visit) by Miriam Bektaş Cankaya:

– info and blogs for cyclists:


One thought on “Links

  1. Hoi!

    Haben über euch von Ashley und James erfahren.
    Wir hoffen genauso wie ihr ein Iranvisum zu bekommen.
    Schau mer mal!!

    Falls es Neuigkeiten bezüglich Visum gibt, lasst es uns bitte wissen.
    Wenn wir was Neues hören, lassen wir es euch natürlich auch wissen.

    Viel Spass und immer Rückenwind.
    Ich denke wir werden uns irgendwo mal über den Weg laufen.

    lg aus Konya
    Max und Heidi

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