7 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Another great video. Hope you get over the “tummy bug” soon and can keep on trundling along.

    • Glad that the 6-8 minutes didn’t surpass your attention span. Good to hear that you’ve been checking in from time to time. Looking forward to a beer in March 2014. Unless you feel like doing some riding through SE Asia maybe?

  2. Good to have another video to watch. Luckily Paul your gear changing on a bicycle is much smoother than on the motorbike !! Did make us laugh though. Hope all good at home & not missing the bikes too much. We have the touring bug now, so going to do another week in Tassie straight after Xmas – you are welcome to join us ???? Take care. David & Janette xx

    • I’d say there was a fair amount of sawdust in the gearbox!! Would be keen for another Tassie odyssey, but it might be a bit of a pinch. The ride back from Amsterdam to Bern was really beautiful – might be an option for the McPherson family. There’s even two trusty steeds not being used so much anymore waiting patiently in Bern in our cellar.

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